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Modernising data storage by moving to the cloud, manage your onboarding not servers

Tracy Tse

Imagine this scenario: A salesperson maintains an old car on behalf of his company. He needs to frequently fill the petrol and brake fluid and change the oil every few months. Instead of driving the car to meetings, he spends a large portion of his time under the car with a wrench. Would it not be more efficient if he could take the public transport or take an Uber every time instead? Securing more meetings and possibly contracts.

Similarly, a company traditionally stores data in physical hard drives and servers located in office. For most small and middle sized companies, an outsource IT service vendor is hired to manage the equipment. Once the drives are full, the company needs to purchase more, they need someone from the vendor to do the setup and the installation. If the drives and servers experience any downtime, a staff member must be present at the office to give access to the vendor or to fix the problem.

Along comes an outage, the file management system of your Hong Kong based company is not responding in the evening, and staff in another jurisdiction are prevented from carrying out their critical operations. Using this technology, the only solution is to have staff monitoring the equipment 24-7 at the Hong Kong office. This not only adds cost to run the essentials in the office, but also to hire staff for extra hours. On top of these, there is also the cost to store and maintain the physical hardware, A/C units, parts, electricity and so on.

Even without a major catastrophe maintaining an internal service can be a headache. The Corporate Service Software your company is using has an important security update which requires the servers to be manually accessed. However, the infrastructure is managed by the IT vendor and there is no in house IT team. With minimum IT knowledge, you do not understand the issue but become the man-in-the-middle between the IT manager and the software vendor. Consequently, your staff is now resolving IT issues rather than dealing with business operations.

Does this sound familiar?

By migrating to cloud solutions, these problems can be eliminated easily, requiring only a stable internet connection. No more hard drives or servers are needed, and patches and updates are handled for you without you needing to know about it. Cloud providers do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to providing certified industry leading security and reliability. Allowing your teams to focus on their areas of expertise and do what they should be doing, generating income for your business. This saves money now and in the future by eliminating the cost of maintaining the servers and vendors, in addition to freeing up office space. 

Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platform like Veridate gives you added benefits beyond replacing your bulky server rack: 

• Platform agnostic – It doesn’t have to be installed on a particular operating system like Windows 10

• Infinite scalability – Increase your team from 10-100 without having to invest in any hardware, besides laptops!

• Continuous enhancements and new features – The latest onboarding technology is available to you without the need to install anything 

• Integration – Seamlessly feed data downstream to other cloud platforms through APIs

• Experiment – With SaaS cloud solutions, it is easy to get a taste for a platform before committing to buying it, gone are the days of provisioning expensive hardware before you can test an application.

At Veridate, we understand that onboarding is your first touch with a client, which is a crucial component in establishing a good relationship from the start. Our full lifecycle, client onboarding application is built-upon the stable foundation that is Amazon Web Service (AWS) utilising only cloud technology. AWS is selected by many multinational businesses, such as Airbnb and Standard Chartered. All data is stored securely on the cloud with automated backup and is accessible everywhere 24-7. AWS enables scalability which means that a smooth flow is ensured with no lag time, even in times of peak demand. Nonetheless, we build the online platform in-house and are here to help if you encounter any issues. The Veridate platform is flexible, adaptable and allows you to connect with your client in a more efficient way. Rather than worrying about handling document hardcopies and solving IT problems, now you can finally focus on providing the best personalised service for your clients.

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