Identity Verification & Authentication

Veridate’s trusted technology makes Identity Verification & Authentication easy and cost effective while providing an impressive customer experience.

We work with industry leading technology partners to provide top tier solutions that allow you to succeed in this environment of increasing fraud, regulation and competition.

  • Provide Seamless & Secure Omnichannel Experiences for your Customers to be Competitive in the Digital Economy
  • Easily Meet Compliance Regulations (KYC, AML, CIP, GDPR) & Safely Store Customer PII Data to Protect your Business & your Customers
  • Instantly Verify IDs to Prevent Fraud due to Identity Theft, Fraudulent IDs, Account Takeovers & Image Spoofing
  • Automate to Speed Up New Account Onboarding and Product / Service Applications by Eliminating Manual Entry & Paperwork

Protect against stolen IDs and fraud

Acuant AssureID™ is trusted around the world to help commercial organizations and government facilities improve and protect their business operations. Their solutions range from providing critical security to streamlining workflows for validating new customers and protecting against identity theft and fraud.
OCR Data Extraction

Acuant IDscan® saves time, increases revenue and impresses customers. IDscan works with a mobile device or TWAIN compatible desktop scanner to obtain images of any government issued identity document with their world class image capture technology. Through the automation of intelligent image capture and data auto-fill, Veridate can streamline and modernize workflows. No more manual entry, photocopying, or endless paperwork.

Identity card information is processed securely in the cloud without storing any data or images on the local device, and accurately auto-populates into the Veridate application in seconds! Through Veridate’s Open API, this data can further populate downstream systems, cutting out both duplicate and error prone manual input.

50+ checks

AssureID's patented technology extracts biometric and alphanumeric data contained in an identity document to authenticate it by applying 50+ forensic document-specific tests and utilizing the industry's largest document library (supporting 200+ countries).

Working in real time, AssureID enables Veridate to eliminate manual screening errors, speed up the document inspection process and significantly reduce employee training, operating costs and customer inconvenience.

Biometric Onboarding

A 3-step process for individuals to onboard with a mobile device.
  • ID document Picture

    Take a picture of your ID document. Acuant IDscan® works on both your mobile and desktop devices, enabling you to take a clear picture of your Identity Document. The document goes through various authentication checks to ensure it is a valid document while Acuant’s AI powered OCR technology reads the information and pre-fills your details in the on-line form.

  • Liveness Detection

    Take a selfie and perform an active liveness detection test. The user takes two selfies, which results in the user having to move their facial position to fit within the prescribed positions on the screen. This enables the technology to distinguish between a real face and an image. The captured images are then compared against the image from the Identity Document and a score is given to reflect the accuracy of the selfie against the ID.

  • Self-Confirmation

    The user then confirms that the information extracted from the identity document is correct, submits the form and then continues with the remainder of the application process.

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