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Flexible, easily configurable and modular. Simplify your approach to client onboarding and client lifecycle management.

Features For Clients
Features For Your Organisation

The holistic approach,
Addressing Onboarding start to finish

We took the pain points of the Onboarding process as a whole and developed a platform for the entire lifetime engagement with a client.
Integrate seamlessly

Data isn't trapped in this system, integrate with multiple external third-party technologies or use your own front-end. Complement existing systems.

Everything in One Place
Why switch between multiple applications to do simple repetitive tasks? Manage the entire process with focus in one place.

Enhance your clients’ experience

Make the process much easier, less intrusive and less time consuming for your clients, whilst significantly improving your processes, reducing your costs and improving your risk management.
Bridge the gap between client experience and internal processes.

Easy Remote Digital Onboarding

Provide your clients with a very easy to use and unobtrusive way to remotely onboard themselves in their own time.

Enable your clients to complete their application process in their own time though a very simple guided journey. Whether they are individuals submitting their own information or other structured entities having to submit documentation from a distributed group of people, the process is very intuitive, requiring your clients to enter their information only once.

Simple Profile Management

Manage all of your client profiles through a single portal. Keep on top your client information and documentation, and be advised of potential issues and risks in real time. Seamlessly share your client information with downstream systems and processes, avoiding duplication of inputs and the risk of entering incorrect information.

Quick ID Validation and Biometric Facial Matching

Need help with your non face to face client onboarding process? Concerned about potential fraud and ID spoofing? Be in control of your onboarding process with automated ID proofing, facial matching and liveliness checks that are performed in a matter of seconds, across multiple devices. Manage by exception and keep your focus on issues that require attention.

More on ID&V

Signing Agreements and Declarations,
no pen needed.

Allow your clients to navigate through their application for service and products in one journey. Reuse their data to generate agreements, terms and declarations with an e-signature to sign off on their application or integrate directly with your preferred digital signature provider.

Informative Outreach

Automate your outreach to clients for anything from additional information to following up on expired identity documentation. Consolidate all your communications, and across multiple platforms (email, SMS, telephone), in one place for improved client service and a more robust audit trail.

Features to transform Onboarding in your Organisation

Digitally transform the way you manage your client risk.

Don’t make every client an exception, focus your resources on the more complex client structures.
No-Code Onboarding Journey and form builder

Quickly react to regulatory changes and update client information forms instantly, without having to reach out to the IT department.

Cut down on PDFs and creating non-digital images of your client and product data.

Client Profile Management

Gain a clear insight into your clients, even across multiple profiles and jurisdictions.

Make quicker and more informed decisions and identify potential issues earlier through fully automated background checks and data enrichment. Reduce errors and endless handwritten documentation with a modern digital platform.

Data Enrichment KYC/AML/CFT

Do away with pointless document certifications and confirm data at source through open APIs.

Automated address verification, background checks, bank and credit checks enables you to continually evaluate your clients and identify potential AML issues very early on. Let the technology highlight potential “red flags” much more efficiently than the human eye. Your administration, operations and compliance teams can then spend their time focused on proper issues and more complex relationships, thereby improving the service and relationships across the majority of your client base.

AML Risk & Rules Based Engine

Red, Amber, Green (RAG) or High, Medium, Low. Define the rules for how you risk rate your clients based on how you see the risk in your business.

Assign weightings to key data points such as country risk levels, background check results and source of funds. Match your EDD requirements to the level of risk assigned to a client.

Approval Pipeline and Workflow

Simplify operations with real-time task assignment.

As workloads increase, dynamically re-assign priorities. Automatically approve clients based on a predefined set of criteria. Focus your resources on where they are needed, not on mundane tasks that add no value.

Ongoing Obligations

Automatically trigger your on-going obligations, from following up on expiring ID documentation to more frequent background checks on higher risk clients and PEPs. Set it and let it run allows scalability and enhanced exception management processes.

Client outreach

Keep your client communication consistent across your organisation. Automate your outreach and re-engage with your customers advising them that “you are still here”. Log all conversations and maintain a digital audit trail of all follow ups and actions taken.

Audit and Reporting

Prepared for that surprise Regulator inspection? Ready for the annual audit?

Give auditors and regulators a standard set of reports and audit trails for their review and give yourself peace of mind that your client onboarding process is fully transparent and auditable.

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Be guided through the configuration and deployment of the platform by our experienced Implementation team . Requirements analysis, scope analysis, customisation, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery are implemented though agile implementation cycles. This approach enables a quick to market set-up and so you can achieve the desired results and real change, faster.

Ongoing Use and Support

With interactive help and support, staffed by a fully trained Customer Success team, you can have confidence that we will be there to help guide your team through your digital transformation journey.

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