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Lead Developer

Central, Hong Kong
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Job Description


As a Lead Developer, you’ll help bring tens-of-thousands of new users tothe application by leading the development of interesting new features as Veridateexpands. Working closely with the CTO and Product Delivery Lead you'll createimpact at scale by implementing great user experiences and a robust backend whichsolves real world problems you too can relate to. You will be testingfrequently and constantly refining the product while deploying to productionmultiple times a day with the goal of always improving.


As a member of the Engineering team you will:

·    Lead and empower an outstandingteam of developers by promoting pragmatic engineering decision-making, andleverage your technical expertise to constantly raise the quality ofimplementation by holding the team to a high standard

·    Oversee the success of the team's projects andenhance the day to day efficiency of the engineering team to meet tightdelivery deadlines and deliver quantifiable results

·    Participatein critical technical, design, and infrastructure security and scalabilitydiscussions

·    Develop newfeatures, interfaces, back-end Microservices and API’s and vendor integrations

·    Ensurequality of source and reduce Technical Debt, while delivering a polished enduser experience

·    Manage CDand feature release

·    Reviewrefine and optimise the existing codebase

·    Enhance theQC process with potential for TDD

·    Prepare thedevelopment team for scale


Experience & Qualifications

·      Natural curiosity andsolution-oriented team mentality

·      A strong advocate of good coding standards,documentation, naming conventions and more

·      5+ years of hands on software engineeringexperience with demonstrable technical initiative and leadership on previousprojects

·      Excellent software engineeringknowledge and the ability to provide technical mentorship

·      Experience collaborating with product managersand designers

·      Experience indevelopment of high traffic back-end services for external customer facing web applications

·      Experience withSQL and NoSQL databases

·      Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science orequivalent experience

·       Good working English

·       Must qualify to work in Hong Kong


We use and teach


•       NodeJS / PHP

•       Laravel, MVC

•       DynamoDB, MySQL

•       Microservices,& Event Driven Architecture

•       AngularJS,VueJS

•       SCSS

•       HTTPS, JSONAPI’s

•       CI/CD

•       AWS




·      Competitive Salary

·      Training and certifications relating to cloudarchitecture

·      Long-term Incentive Plan (LTIP) for early joiners whostay to achieve Veridate’s goals


Equal Opportunities


Veridate is a fast paced, fun and energeticcompany that is disrupting the financial services and professional servicesmarkets. Veridate treats all employees and job applicants equally.Every decision is based on merit, qualifications, and talent. We do notdiscriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender,sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.




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