Effectively manage your Client Onboarding processes in one place

Turn complex fragmented onboarding processes into simple digital forms. It's easier for your clients and easier for you, all while lowering your risk and cost.

A powerful onboarding toolkit

Efficiently manage client onboarding, AML, KYC regulatory requirements in one place. Automate ongoing obligations and reduce regulatory risk. Satisfy customers with self-build online forms and biometric data capture for remote onboarding.

More than just a KYC system

Go beyond carrying out KYC background checks.
Veridate offers full client lifecycle management (CLM) that marries the end client experience with internal policy and risk management through automated risk scoring.

Flexible costs and decrease time to revenue

Pay-As-You-Go pricing breaks the traditional pricing mould. More transparent pricing enables better controls over onboarding costs. Onboarding clients faster means revenue faster and reduced back office costs.

focus on your CLIENT

Make a great impression. Over and over again.

Ready to give your clients an unbeatable onboarding experience? Interpret data & make informed decisions faster than ever before.

With digital transformation, everyone wins.

For advisors, for compliance teams, for everyone. Veridate provides a class-leading digital onboarding experience that will differentiate your business and build better relationships with your clients.

For compliance teams

"Wave goodbye to repetitive paper based onboarding."

Veridate has enabled our compliance team to make better-informed decisions, reduce operational risk and scale ourbusiness revenue. Tab switching is no more using Veridate's consolidated system. Our compliance team can onboard at speed, get positive feedback from colleagues and add value through the interpretation of lightning-quick data.

For Advisors

"A total game-changer
for onboarding in the field"

Advisors can now deliver a class-leading service and have the information at their fingertips in real-time.

Veridate reduces friction dramatically during the onboarding process. The once intrusive paper-based process has finally been replaced. For a team on the road, they can pick it up where they left off, where ever they are, leaving advisors with more time to focus on the customer and building long-lasting relationships.

FOR Directors

"It makes logical commercial sense."

Veridate has reduced back-office costsby over 40% within weeks of launching. Since moving Veridate cloud we've seen our operational costs reduce significantly as our cross-department collaboration soars. Having a full audit trail in one click gives our customersadded peace of mind too. It's a total game-changer.

For your sector

Varying levels and depth of compliance for Financial and Professional Services Providers, built on institutional grade technology. Deploy a client-centric digital experience with the minimum level of intrusion,
defined by your regulatory objectives.

Professional Services

Manage, screen and approve your clients on a single web portal. Remove duplicate input by leveraging flexible APIs to downstream systems.

Geared towards: MoneyTransfer Agents, Gaming and Crypto Exchanges

Licensed Participants

Maintain and deploy digital subscription forms across your family of funds. Update all KYC information directly to your Fund Administrator.

Geared towards:  Corporate Services, Fund Managers and Administrators, Insurance Agents

Discretionary Wealth Managers

Manage a single client profile across all business lines. Investor Suitability and Risk Analysis during the application and evaluation process.

Geared towards: Boutique Asset Managers and Merchant Banks, Prime Brokers, Insurance Brokers


Our engagement with institutions has been built on a solid and scalable foundation, tailored to the organisation’s Operating Models and workflows.
Undertake digital transformation with the least amount of disruption, through Business Process Automation (BPA).
Move faster, make real organisational change.

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